Algarithm to supply Good Catch with wild-sourced plant-based algal omega-3 DHA for their fishless seafood line; debuting new O3Omega™ Smoothie flavors at SupplySide West 2018

November 5, 2018

Stop by Algarithm's Tiki Bar, (booth #1637), to sample omega-3 healthy food and drinks and learn how the Good Catch chefs nutritionally enhanced their scrumptious sea-saving entrees with Algarithm's AlphaMega3 DHA oil

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Algarithm is pleased to announce that Good Catch has chosen Algarithm's plant-based, wild-sourced AlphaMega3 algal DHA oil to nutritionally enhance their soon-to-launch line of fishless seafood. The plant-based seafood maker's Crab-free Cakes, Fish-free Tuna, Fish-free Sliders, and Fish-free Burgers will all contain 350mg of AlphaMega3 algal DHA oil supplied by the Canadian-based Algarithm.

"With a mission to promote plant-based diets to improve health, save lives, and protect the ecology of our oceans, Good Catch is taking the natural foods industry by storm with their nutritious and delicious chef-mastered fishless seafood products," says Algarithm co-founder and managing director, Ben Kelly. "Algarithm is proud to have been selected to play a part in their success."

"We're creating great-tasting, healthy, DHA-rich vegan seafood by using cutting-edge technology combined with finest plant-based ingredients, so we thank our friends at Algarithm for helping our chefs make culinary magic happen with their wild-sourced algal DHA oil," says Good Catch co-founder Eric Schnell. "The undetectable taste, texture, purity, and nutritional content make Algarithm's oil a perfect fit for us."

Graphic courtesy of Eat For The Planet

In their booth at SupplySide West (#1637) Algarithm will showcase their line of virtually tasteless and odorless plant-based algal omega-3 DHA ingredients for the dietary supplement, food, and beverage industries, including their two just-released DHA oil concentrates: AlphaMega3 530, containing 530mg/g DHA, and AlphaMega3 700, boasting 700mg/g DHA.

Algarithm's ingredient and packaging partner, Virun Nutra-Biosciences, will also debut their new additions to the partners' popular line of flavorful O3Omega™ Smoothies: "Gringo Nachos Smoothie" and "NOT Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Smoothie", the world's first DHA-enhanced vegan smoothie. Containing 400mg plant-based algal DHA and 3000mg MCT from coconut oil in each 15ml serving, the new smoothies are soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and GMO-free, and are a tasty alternative to fish oils and other omega-3 dietary supplements.

About Algarithm

Algarithm has omega-3s figured out!  Algarithm is providing omega-3 solutions for food and dietary supplements - DHA with minimal taste and odor sourced from unmodified, plant-based origin using a clean, environmentally-friendly extraction process.  What it means is a high quality algal oil delivering 400mg/g DHA, easily enjoyed through flavorful food and dietary supplements. Algarithm is a proud member of GOED's Executive Council on Education and Outreach, pledging $100,000 annually to fund GOED's omega-3 research and educational programs.    

About Good Catch Foods

With a deep concern for the sea and its creatures, as well as a love of good eating, Good Catch exists to create delicious food and make plant-based options accessible to everyone. With a mission to provide a choice for more conscious living, Good Catch is here to champion the environment, protect human and animal welfare, and to provide a solution for the complex issues the world faces regarding our oceans.

About Virun Nutra-Biosciences

Founded in 2003, Virun was formed to create nutritious, great tasting and novel formulations for the food, beverage, supplement and pharmaceutical industries.

For background on the plant-based meat revolution see:
The Wall Street Journal, Oct. 15, 2018 --"Fish: The Final Frontier in Fake Meat"

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Margie Adelman, 916-220-3500,

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