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March 25, 2018

Introducing an easier way of getting your daily plant-based Omega 3, without the fish burps!

Forgot your Omega 3 pills? Drizzling plant-based Omega 3 Smoothies on your favourite food or beverage is a very tasty and conviniet way to get your daily Omega 3. Our omega 3 emulsions and cold and heat-tolerant powders allow companies to incorporate algae-based DHA into everyday plant- based food and beverage products such as pancakes, ice cream, smoothies, dairy-free milks, coffee creamers, veggie burgers, meatless meats, and simulated seafood. ??☕

Worried about mercury and other heavy metal toxicity in your fish-based Omega 3 supplements for kids? Pre-natal and infant supplements made with our plant-based Omega 3 ingredients are safe, devoid of toxins present in seafood, minimally processed, and presence of no allergens is preferred by mothers for early brain and eyesight development of their kids. ?

Algarithm provides high quality, plant-based algal Omega 3 value-added ingredients for a wide range of food, beverage & supplement applications. Stay in touch for more stories of plant-based Omega 3 applications that are convenient, healthy, and rated having best taste and odor – without the fist burps.