World Oceans Day - Conservation of Delicate Marine Ecosystems

June 8, 2019

“At least 30% of our oceans need to be urgently protected by 2030.”

30×30: A Blueprint for Ocean Protection, a Greenpeace study by York and Oxford university researchers argues that at least 30% of oceans must urgently be protected by 2030. The study shows that a network of "fully protected marine protected areas" is feasible and something the world should consider as governments negotiate a global ocean treaty through the UN, expected in 2020.

Algarithm has deep connection to marine ecosystems. Algarithm’s algal DHA oil is derived from a strain of wild-crafted microalgae initially discovered and isolated from pristine coastal waters at the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. Increased amount of waste, temperature and acidity in oceans may likely result in unsuitable living conditions for many species lower in the food chain, including microalgae, the original source of our Omega-3 DHA. Hence it our desire to take care and conserve the delicate marine ecosystems for our future generations.

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