Victor Das

Director, Community Creation

An experienced marketing strategy professional, Vic uses his passion and skills to grow purpose driven businesses and build stronger communities. At Algarithm, Vic develops and implements marketing strategy, company culture, and is the main hype person!

Vic recently developed and implemented a very successful marketing strategy for Mr. Bannock - Vancouver's first Indigenous food truck launch (funded by Vancity). The launch was sold out in under 1.5 hours with over 700 visits! As a team he helped crowdfund and fundraise over $270,000 for social enterprises in Saskatchewan through strategic storytelling & community building (Affinity Business for Good Social Venture Challenge). The cornerstone of strong communities is a strong story. People connect with stories. He has worked with brands, businesses, and non-profits in telling their story in a strategic way that builds community. Through speaking engagements, he helps people understand the art of strategic marketing and community building.

Vic is a big promoter of a plant-based lifestyle for health, environmental and practical reasons. What drives Vic is the ability to make an impact with plant-based alternatives to fish in the Omega-3 industry, responding to concerns of depleting marine fish stock and heavy metal contamination.

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