Fish-Free Omega-3
Straight from the source

Algarithm produces plant-based, ocean-friendly Omega-3 ingredients derived from micro-algae.  
Our Omega-3s top the charts in fresh, undetectable taste, stability and versatility. Through our patented processes, innovative delivery methods and novel applications, we strive to make the consumption of Omega-3s easy, enjoyable and eco-friendly for everyone.

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The Algarithm Distinction

The benefit of omega-3 supplementation touches on nearly every aspect of human health.

From eye health to heart health, right down to each and every cell in the human body, the scientific research is clear: omega-3s are one of the most fundamental building blocks and their essentiality is undisputed.

Omega-3s are imperative for human health

In fact, omega-3 deficiency is a daunting public health crisis; experts have called omega-3 deficiency one of the greatest threats facing human health.

The essentiality of omega-3 EPA and DHA has long been recognized and recommended by mainstream medical authorities, yet we are more deficient than ever.

Why don't we just keep taking fish oil pills?

Without question, the number one impediment to increasing omega-3 intake is known as the compliance issue - people need and want omega-3s, but are often put-off by the texture, delivery methods, and aftertaste.

At Algarithm, we’ve pioneered novel delivery methods to deliver plant-based omega-3s that are undetectable to your taste buds, yet still pack a seriously potent punch of omega-3s.

Algae cell
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Unnoticeable Taste.
Noticeable Nutrition.


If you’ve ever tasted the dreaded “repeat” (better known as the fish burp), you’ve tasted oxidized fish oil. The omega-3 DHA molecule is uniquely sensitive to air due its many double-bonds -  this requires processing expertise. Algarithm’s patented processing means that these delicate chains of fat are protected from oxidation - which means a better taste in your mouth.


Slick, slimy algae? Not so much. With our diverse variety of delivery options, Algarithm serves up a range of omega-3 offerings in delightfully subtle forms.


Our algal oil undergoes
an environmentally-friendly, chemical-free extraction process to
eliminate virtually all traces of taste and odor – making the
“beautifully tasteless” oil an ideal ingredient in foods and beverages
where manufacturers want the nutritional benefits of plant-derived
omega-3 DHA without an underlying marine smell or taste.

Algarithm’s got omega-3s figured out.

Delivery Methods

While our standard algal DHA oil can be widely found in infant formula, prenatal and dietary supplement applications, at Algarithm, we’re thinking outside the softgel. We developed and improved delivery choices, combating pill fatigue with our range of offerings such as:

Emulsified oils with a creamy, non-oily texture

Tasteless, odorless, shelf-stable oils

Heat-stable powders


Perfect Nutrition For The Pickiest Palates

Brain development in utero and during the first several years of life may be the most critical time to address omega-3 through diet.

Placentally, a mother’s fat stores will selectively deliver EPA and DHA during this crucial time of development. After birth, the mother’s breast milk will continually deliver varying levels of DHA and EPA according to her diet and remaining fat stores, and slowly begin to replenish there as well to support mom’s brain and mood.

Omega-3 EPA and DHA have been demonstrated to support healthy vision, healthy brain, healthy heart, healthy mood, and healthy cells.

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Heat stable omega-3s? Why not!

Thanks to the patented processes that lead to Algarithm’s products, it’s now possible to create shelf-stable, heat-resistant packaged goods with significant amounts of EPA and DHA. Whether adding essential EPA and DHA to a new plant-based meat alternative protein source, or inventing a new omega-3 pancake mix, our patented omega-3 powders offer out-of-the-box solutions for incredibly diverse consumer packaged goods.


Can omega-3s be creamy and delicious? They can now.

Not only do our emulsified oils boost the omega-3 content of any sweet treat, they integrate and add to the texture, thanks to our unique emulsification processes. Say goodbye to slick, oily mouthfeel, with this unique and delicious patented offering, available in a variety of flavors from key lime to savory buttery movie popcorn.


Odorless omega-3 EPA and DHA for complete nutritional support

No diet is complete without sufficient EPA and DHA intake. Omega-3s continue to be one of the most commonly recommended and included supplements due to the tremendous body of scientific evidence supporting their inclusion and daily intake. Algarithm’s know-how ups your omega numbers without taking center stage or causing unpleasant fishy aftertaste.

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Savvy consumers are more concerned with sustainability than ever.

With increasing demand placed upon oceanic resources and an ever-growing population, sophisticated customers know better than to rely solely on the ocean to meet omega-3 needs. Yet many plant-based omega-3s only offer high levels of short-chain alpha-linolenic acid, a less active form of omega-3s that requires conversion by the body into biologically relevant EPA and DHA.

This conversion process is inefficient, and often rendered ineffective by essential fat imbalances which typify the western diet, such as high omega-6 intake. Fish happen to excel at this conversion, but so do certain strains of algae - the original source of omega-3s.

At Algarithm, our carefully cultivated omega-3 EPA and DHA is grown sustainably from a wild strain of algae, grown  in optimal conditions to maximize omega-3 output.  We’ve got omega-3s figured out.


The upward trajectory of plant-based dietary trends is undeniable -- while vegan protein sources continue to diversify and evolve, omega-3 options need to keep up the pace. Whether due to sustainability concerns or dietary restrictions due to allergies, meeting basic nutritional needs from plant-based sources for proteins, fats, and micro-nutrients will continue to be a growing priority for coming generations. Sophisticated food producers know that plant-based diets can no longer be relegated to a growing trend or novelty; plant-based diets are here to stay.

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Chemical-Free Extraction

At Algarithm, we try to stay out of Mother Nature’s way. Our proprietary omega-3 processing protects our oils from environmental contaminants or pollutants as they cultivate.

With a patented solvent-free process to extract omega-3 EPA and DHA, we’ve ensured that the harvesting of our oils is as pure and natural as the wild algal strain that started it all.

Minimum manipulation. Maximum nutrition.

Solvents, petroleum distillates, hexanes - call us crazy, but at Algarithm, these ingredients don’t exactly whet our appetites.

We take a different approach - using a fermentation process similar to beer or kombucha making, we maintain an impeccably pure closed environment, specially created to maximize omega-3 output. Whereas ocean-sourced omega-3s have to undergo many purification processes to remove the environmental contaminants ubiquitous in seawater, we simplify things by never exposing our algae to contaminants in the first place. Our proprietary extraction process uses food-grade enzymes to harvest omega-3 EPA and DHA.

At Algarithm, we make omega-3s make sense.

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Initially discovered and isolated from pristine coastal waters at the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, our natural alga strain offers high levels of omega-3 without compromising nature’s perfect formulation. Algarithm provides sustainable, plant-based omega-3s that register meaningfully in the body and bring peace of mind for those seeking omega-3s exactly as nature intended.

Wild Sourced. Purely Natural.

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We have a solution to the omega-3 supply shortage

Algarithm specializes in sustainable solutions within the omega-3industry, and we’ve been following recent developments in the global fish oil market closely.

In Peru’s North Central region, the world’s largest supplier of fishmeal and oil, the fishing season has been cancelled. This decision is creating a high likelihood of a disrupted fish oil supply chain. Warm conditions from an El Niño weather pattern will also impact fishing across the Pacific Ocean. These events could exacerbate the potential scarcity of fish oil – all while market demand for omega-3s continues to grow.

At Algarithm, our fish-free algal DHA is grown in a completely closed system. This ensures a secure and vertically integrated supply chain that’s not reliant on fish stocks or favourable seasonal conditions.

It’s crucial for ingredient producers to find viable ways to address these upcoming fish oil supply constraints. And, we understand that any change in ingredient formulation requires careful consideration and evaluation.

Our team at Algarithm has developed innovative solutions to help mitigate the impact of the omega-3 shortage. Together, we can find the best possible way to meet your omega-3 requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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