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A blarticle is a hybrid form of written content, designed to stick with you;
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AUGUST 18TH, 2023

Are All Algal Oils

Have you ever wondered how algae makes omega-3 fatty acids? Why are some algal oils Non-GMO and others aren’t? In this blarticle, we dig into how algae are grown (or made in some cases),what algae are fed and why some omega-3 algae ingredients can make claims that others can’t.

july 20, 2020

Something smells fishy: The science behind Omega-3 fish burps

There’s no arguing the health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids. Scientists have proven Omega-3s can lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease, and fight inflammation (to name a few). So why is it that, for many of us, our efforts to regularly consume Omega-3s are “rewarded” with bad breath? Let’s unpack the foul-smelling subject better known as burpback.

july 13, 2020

Algae All Day Activity Book (Download)

With any luck, everyone's getting along and settled into a temporary routine. But, just in case you're running out of ways to keep them occupied, we’ve developed an algae-themed activity book. We know it won't keep them busy for the entire self-isolation period, but at the very least, it’ll be fun and (mildly) educational.

june 5, 2020

COVID-19 Update: Staying Sane in Self-isolation

In some ways, things feel so normal — we’re among the lucky who still have work to do, so we're doing it. There are still emails to answer, orders to fulfill, meetings to attend (virtually), and while doing so, we're all able to stay safe in our own homes, or in a facility where our health and safety is taken very seriously.

may 30, 2020

The Top Four Health Benefits of Algal Omega-3

According to Google Trends, “what is the keto diet” was the most searched health question in 2017. Ketogenic diet refers to a high healthy fat, low carb diet. While the consumption of certain kinds of fats are recommended to be avoided, there are still some essential fatty acids required for our body.

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