COVID-19 Update:

Staying Sane in Self-isolation

July 3, 2020


  • Isolation is hard. But, there are things we can do feel connected to our surroundings,
    improve mood and focus on the positive.
  • A balance of passion projects and professional projects is a great way to ensure you’re
    taking enough time for yourself, especially if the boundaries between work and home
    have blurred while working from home.
  • We’re looking forward to meeting again as soon as it’s safe to do so.
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Woah… just, woah.

Some days, it seems like that’s the only way to describe the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in due to COVID-19.

In some ways, things feel so normal — we’re among the lucky who still have work to do, so we're doing it. There are still emails to answer, orders to fulfill, meetings to attend (virtually), and while doing so, we're all able to stay safe in our own homes, or in a facility where our health and safety is taken very seriously.

On the other hand, things are so NOT normal. Algarithm is a company founded on the belief that strong personal relationships and collaborative growth are the key to success, for both ourselves and our clients. So, being unable to meet in-person has taken some adjustment. While we’re thankful that we’re able to stay connected digitally, digital meetings are a poor proxy for a good old fashioned face-to-face. Needless to say, we're really looking forward to seeing you all again, as soon as it’s safe to do so.

In the meantime, our team has put together a list of the things keeping us sane while we self-isolate. We know it can be a challenge to adjust to working without the routines, comforts and easy communication that come with sharing office space, and we hope that a few of these will resonate with you and positively effect your day-to-day.

Ben: "Coffee!!!!! Also, getting outside. I’ve been taking a daily walk with the dogs, or just shovelling snow… since this winter seems like it will never end."

Kati: "I take some time every day to notice all the things in nature that are carrying  as-normal, unaffected by this crisis. I like to draw my attention to beautiful things that are ‘bigger than me’ — things like melting snow and the smell of spring, the whale migrations along the coasts, geese returning from the south and seeding prep on the farm. This practice helps keep me grounded and positive, especially when I'm feeling overwhelmed, and reminds me how awesome our planet is."

Kurt: "I’m challenging myself to 10,000 steps a day. Usually, I take a long walk outside with my wife so we can talk without interruption. I can then appreciate staying inside for the rest of the day."

Mia: "Any fresh air helps, even just shovelling the snow on my balcony. Other than that, I'm trying to stick with my old routine, staying up late was not helping my body function. I guess I am not in my 20s anymore…sad haha."

Christine: "My boyfriend is off work right now, and has decided to bake all sorts of bread, which is awesome! Plus, I have 6 dogs and they have to be walked in two shifts. That gets me some much-needed fresh air and exercise."

Luke: "I’ve built an active commute into my daily schedule. Before and after work, I will either take a walk around my back yard, ride on my stationary bike or do some jumping jacks — something to replace that ‘thinking time’ and division between work and home you get when you’re physically going to work everyday."

Geeta: "I Meditate, it can help with relieving stress, focusing, increasing confidence, attaining peace, relaxing, etc. For me, it has a calming effect. I like to use the cure-fit app — no matter the goal, there is a guided meditation and it’s very easy to follow."

Mireya: "Sitting in my favourite sunny spot with a big cup of tea, surrounded by my plants, crocheting or knitting with my floofy kitten cuddled on my lap!"

Udaya: “In addition to spending more time with family, I’ve enjoyed preparing our garden plots and raised beds for veggie gardening.”

Aaron: "For me, just taking time for ‘life breaks’ by spending time with my family throughout the day has been huge blessing in this crazy time. With three small kids at home, taking the time to enjoy and interact with them throughout the day when I can has been life giving, even if it gets a little crazy when they try to climb all over me during video calls."

If you have any helpful habits of your own you'd like to share, drop us a line! We'll be featuring our favourites on the Algarithm socials throughout the course of the isolation period.

We wish you all health and safety as we navigate this difficult time together.