Algae All Day

Activity Book (Download)

May 14, 2020


  • Kids are busy. We know it’s a struggle to find things to keep them occupied, so we
    figured we’d do something to help.
  • Coloring is fun and so is learning new things. While we can’t promise a full-on school-
    level education, we tried to keep things interesting AND educational!
  • Algae is awesome! And, there’s not really much more to say than that!
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Kids… amiright?! We love em, you love em, we all love em... and now that the niceties are out of the way, we also know it can be hard to find quiet focus time when they're bouncing off the walls after a few weeks at home.

With any luck, everyone's getting along and settled into a temporary routine. But, just in case you're running out of ways to keep them occupied, we’ve developed an algae-themed activity book. We know it won't keep them busy for the entire self-isolation period, but at the very least, it’ll be fun and (mildly) educational.

Be sure to send us their best work, we'll feature them on the Algarithm socials! Happy coloring!

Download here:

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