Algarithm Joins GOED with $100K Annual Funding Commitment; Debuts Two Plant-based Omega-3 DHA Algal Oil Concentrates with Undetectable Taste, Undeniable Nutrition

October 31, 2018

SASKATCHEWAN, Canada (PRWEB) October 31, 2018

Algarithm Ingredients has announced the company has made a $100,000 annual funding pledge to GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s. The pledge seats Algarithm on GOED’s Executive Council on Education and Outreach (ECEO), allowing Algarithm to take an active role in determining the direction of the global DHA/EPA omega-3 industry.

“Increasing the consumption of omega-3s to adequate levels around the world, and ensuring our industry is producing quality omega-3 products that consumers can trust are GOED’s stated goals,” said Algarithm’s managing director and co-founder Ben Kelly. ”We at Algarithm share those goals, and we look forward to working with GOED and its membership to achieve them together.”

“GOED is pleased to welcome Algarithm to the Executive Council on Education and Outreach (ECEO). Algarithm joins with an annual commitment of $100,000, which will support important strategic initiatives in the areas of consumer and health practitioner education, funding omega-3 scientific research, and working toward DRIs and a Codex NRV,” said GOED Executive Director Ellen Schutt.

Kelly says a big reason for his support of GOED is the organization’s continuing work to support and disseminate studies dealing with child brain development and plant-based micro-nutrition. Kelly’s plant-based algal DHA ingredient company, Algarithm, is in the preparation stages for a project next year where cognitive changes will be studied in children who are given plant-based food options at school cafeterias. Kelly says it was his interest in building his own children’s brain health with DHA followed by his inability to find a clean, non-polluted DHA source for his kids that prompted him to launch his company.

Algarithm is also announcing the availability of two new high-concentrate DHA versions of their popular AlphaMega3 plant-based algal oil: AlphaMega3-530 (containing 530mg/g DHA), and AlphaMega3-700 (containing 700mg/g DHA) -- nearly twice the DHA amount per gram as found in their popular original AlphaMega3 algal oil (400mg/g DHA). All three “Undetectable Taste, Undeniable Nutrition” wild-sourced algal oils have undergone an environmentally-friendly process to eliminate virtually all traces of taste and odor – making them ideal ingredients in foods and beverages where manufacturers want the nutritional benefits of plant-derived omega-3 DHA without an underlying marine smell or taste.

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Algarithm has omega-3s figured out! Algarithm is providing omega-3 solutions for food and dietary supplements - DHA with minimal taste and odor sourced from unmodified, plant-based origin using a clean, environmentally friendly extraction process. What it means is a high-quality algal oil delivering 400mg/g DHA, easily enjoyed through flavorful food and dietary supplements. Algarithm is a proud member of GOED’s Executive Council on Education and Outreach, pledging $100,000 annually to fund GOED’s omega-3 research and educational programs.    

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GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s, is a trade association representing 200 companies worldwide active in the EPA and DHA omega‐3 industry.

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