Good Things, Smaller Packages: New Line of Vegan Omega-3 Concentrates — thetamega3!

November 4, 2020

SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN, Canada, November 4th, 2020 – Algarithm Ingredients announces the launch of thetamega3, a new line of algal Omega-3 concentrates, into the North American supplement market.

Algarithm, an algal Omega-3 producer committed to sustainable practices and sensory performance, undertook a thorough supply chain and processing review in search of new production opportunities. The result is a highly sustainable line of algal Omega-3 concentrates that challenge quality standards within the industry and address growing demand for higher potency vegan Omega-3 ingredients.

“While reviewing our supply chain, we found a unique, cost effective and sustainable way to create this new line of concentrates. The thetamega3 line allows us to offer customers greater formulation flexibility at a highly competitive price while reducing our environmental impact,” says Ben Kelly, Algarithm Managing Director.

Fish oil concentrates have become the standard in traditional essential fatty acid supplements in North America in the last few years, allowing formulators to innovate in the category. Algal oils have gained some market share as new cost-effective supply chains have emerged and interest in plant-based ingredients has grown, but algal oils are still predominantly sold in their natural triglyceride form at mid-range concentrations. Algarithm’s thetamega3 vegan Omega-3 concentrates will appeal to those aiming to include a meaningful dose of vegan Omega-3, without sacrificing room for other ingredients.

Made in the USA at a world class facility, with a final composition that boasts less than 1% Ethyl Esters and over 90% Triglyceride (30% higher than the industry standard), Algarithm’s new line of r-TG concentrates enable innovative ingredient combinations and reduced capsule size, without sacrificing quality, dosage or affordability.

Available now in a 650mg/g DHA formula — with a 750 mg/g DHA formula and an EPA-only formula on the way — the thetamega3 line is positioned to provide great options for formulators and founders alike.