Algarithm's Wild-Algal Sourced, Odorless Omega-3 DHA Now in Ritual's Multivitamin Products for Women

April 23, 2019

Algarithm’s Non-GMO, wild-sourced AlphaMega3- 530 DHA algal oil chosen to provide omega-3 nutritional benefits for Ritual’svegan-friendly Essential for Women and Essential Prenatal vitamin lines

SASKATCHEWAN, Canada, April 23, 2019 -- Omega-3 ingredient innovator Algarithm is pleased to announce that women’s multivitamin maker Ritual has selected Algarithm’s plant-based, Non-GMO alphamega3 - 530 DHA algal oil for its popular vegan-friendly women’s multivitamin products.  Ritual’s “Essential Prenatal”formulation will provide 350 mg of Algarithm’s algae-derived DHA per 2-capsule serving, and their “Essential for Women” formulation will deliver 330mg DHA per 2-capsule serving.

“Algarithm’s use of clean, sustainable, and unmodified wild-sourced microalgae as their omega-3 source and their environmentally-friendly extraction process make them an ideal ingredient supply partner for Ritual’s line of women’s multivitamins,” said Dr. Luke Bucci, Ritual’s VP, Research and Development.  

“Ritual’s commitment to transparency and to using only ingredients with the highest levels of purity, efficacy, and safety has established them as North America’s premier source for women’s vegan-friendly multivitamins,” said Ben Kelly, Algarithm’s managing director and co-founder.  “We at Algarithm are pleased and honored that our AlphaMega3 DHA oil has been selected by them to provide their customers - women,prenatal women, and new mothers - with the many important nutritional benefits available from clean, plant- based omega-3 DHA.”

A few of the many health benefits derived from adequate dietary intake of omega-3 include improved brain health and eyesight as well as helps to maintain body structure and energy signaling.  It is especially important for pregnant and nursing women to obtain adequate amounts of omega-3 since it is clinically proven that omega-3 fatty acids are critical for fetal growth and fetal brain development. Algarithm’s AlphaMega3 DHA oil is also odorless and tasteless ,which means no fishy taste or smell.

“For us, creating the perfect vitamin is more than just combining great ingredients—it’s working with companies that care as much about their supply chain as we do,” said Katerina Schneider, Ritual’s CEO and Founder.

Algarithm’s Non-GMO alphamega3 -530 algal DHA oil is derived from an unmodified strain of wild-crafted microalgae (Schizochytrium sp) initially discovered and isolated from pristine coastal waters at the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. Providing a minimum 530mg/g totalDHA omega-3, this higher concentration of Algarithm’s AlphaMega3 product line undergoes an environmentally-friendly, chemical-free extraction process making the oil an ideal ingredient in supplements where manufacturers are looking for higher concentrations of DHA omega-3.

Watch Ritual's Science Team Introduce Algarithm at their Formulation Update


Ritual is a new kind of vitamin brand that believes in simplicity, traceability and ingredients that work best in the body deliveredin their most effective, vegan, non-GMO, gluten, soy and dairy-free forms. Itis the only vitamin brand with a completely transparent and traceable supply chain.


Algarithm has omega-3s figured out!  Algarithm is providing omega-3 solutions for food, beverages, and dietary supplements - DHA with minimal taste and odor sourced from unmodified, plant-based origin using a clean, environmentally-friendly extraction process.  What it means is a high quality algal oil delivering 530mg/g DHA, easily enjoyed through flavorful food, beverages, and dietary supplements. Algarithm is a proud member of GOED's Executive Council on Education and Outreach, pledging $100,000 annually to fund GOED's omega-3 research and educational programs.