Wiley's Finest Launches CatchFreeTM Omega ft. alphamega3 DHA

April 14, 2020

We’re excited to share the news that Algarithm was chosen as the DHA supplier for a new plant-based Omega-3 product from Wiley’s Finest — CatchFreeTM Omega. The decision was made after a global comparison of available algal oils that considered quality, sensory experience and customer service, of which Algarithm was determined to be the, "clear winner."

“Our team searched the globe for an exceptional quality vegan source of DHA to incorporate into CatchFreeTM Omega, our newest line of vegan supplements for our plant-focused shoppers. Of the available sources of algal DHA, Algarithm was the clear winner in taste and exceptional quality. But our decision to work with Algarithm was about more than just taste: their focus on personal attention and comprehensive technical support meshes well with our family-owned and operated brand.”

- Sam Wiley, CEO, Wiley’s Finest

The decision is a big moment for all of us at Algarithm, as it represents a validation of our efforts to provide not only an exceptional DHA product, but exceptional customer service as well. 

“Wiley’s is well-known in our industry for being focused on high-quality ingredients, sensory experience, and high-dose delivery. Their selection of Algarithm as a DHA supplier reinforces our own commitment to making the best-tasting algal Omega-3 oil on the market.”

- Ben Kelly, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Algarithm

CatchFreeTM Omega is available in two great-tasting forms: a naturally flavored, tropical mango full-spectrum Omega-3 liquid oil, and a full-spectrum Omega-3 softgel. Both deliver market-leading levels of Omega-3s: 2300 mg in the liquid formulation and 700 mg in the softgel per serving, with 500 mg of DHA in each.

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