Ben Kelly

Co-Founder & Managing Director

As a father to two girls, what drives Ben is the desire for all children having access to tasty and exciting omega-3 for cognitive and eyesight development free of heavy metals and contaminants coming from marine fish. That is the reason Ben co-founded Algarithm to deliver on this opportunity, along with Udaya Wanasundara, CSO, a father of two boys, and an expert in lipids and algal omega-3 science.

An entrepreneurial-minded business development professional, Ben has spent the past 6+ years in business development roles in the dietary supplement and food ingredient industry. Ben leads new business for Algarithm and POS Biosciences where he is responsible for implementing strategic sales and marketing initiatives and for collaborating with global partners. Working closely with both company’s industry-leading scientific teams, Ben serves a critical market prospecting role where he collaborates with and finds potential, strategic partners to further commercialize new ingredients and products. Ben was a Co-Founder of Algarithm and has been instrumental in securing partners as the company gains traction in new, lucrative markets; today he leads Algarithm as the Managing Director. He holds his B.A. from the University of New Brunswick and his M.P.A from the University of Saskatchewan. Ben’s partner Katie and their two daughters make their home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.