Kurt Manz

Manager, Operations

Kurt brings a diverse background of experiences to his role as Operations Manager, as he has worked for governmental agencies, multinationals, small businesses as well as owning and operating his own business.  Kurt has worked in such diverse fields of agricultural research, population statistics and studies, environmental recycling, genetic sales, animal husbandry, food processing and residential property management.

Born and raised in a large, farming community is Saskatchewan, he moved to Saskatoon to study at the University of Saskatchewan where he received his degrees in finance and economics.  In the last year of university, he met his super model wife, and has been very thankful for their 15 years of marriage.  They are blessed with three young children, two daughters and a son, who keep their life full of joy, laughter and activities, that include some hair-raising and hair-pulling experiences.

Kurt’s interests include running 5Ks, reading biographies of political leaders, swimming with his kids and taking the occasional yoga class when his wife is teaching.  Healthy living has become more important to Kurt over the years as he wants to enjoy the life he has been given to the fullest.  As well, with 3 little pairs of eyes that look up to him, he wants to be good example that is worthy to be followed.

His career paths and experiences, connection to the local community, and his stewardship of his health, all combined together, make working for Algarithm the natural choice in continuing his pursuit of his passions with others.