Mia Wang

Manager, Innovation

Huiqin (Mia) Wang is a formulation scientist at Algarithm, with great enthusiasm in food product development. Working collaboratively with other colleagues at Algarithm, she provides science-based advice and solutions to a wide range of food applications. She holds a master’s degree in Food and Human Nutritional Sciences from University of Manitoba.

A strong advocate of “Let food be thy medicine”, Mia believes foods play a significant role in daily life and overall wellness, both physically and mentally. Therefore, she carefully selects what is going into the formulation.

Before joining Algarithm, she has helped clients, small to medium entrepreneurs, formulate and commercialize a wide range of food and beverages for over five years, such as meal replacement beverages, dry mixes, meat sausages and etc.

To meet the ever-changing consumer demand, Mia believes that food product has to be functional and palatable at the same time so that consumers can actually gain the health benefits from it and enjoy it as a food concurrently.

She is a mom and what drives her everyday is a passion to create better food products to improve the wellness and happiness of her family and families alike.

In her free time Mia likes to go hiking and fishing with her family.