Algarithm's Plant-based Omega-3 DHA Algal Oil Now Non-GMO Project Verified

January 24, 2019

January 24, 2019 - Beautifully tasteless and odorless wild-sourced AlphaMega3 alga oil enriches foods, beverages, and dietary supplements with nutritional benefits of non-GMO omega-3 DHA.

Omega-3 ingredient maker Algarithm announced it has received Non-GMO verification from the Non-GMO Project for the company’s wild-sourced plant-derived AlphaMega3 DHA algal oil. The Non-GMO Project Verification assures food makers, retailers, and consumers that Algarithm’s AlphaMega3 DHA algal oil is in compliance with the Project’s rigorous standard and provides independent third-party confirmation that the oil has been made according to current best practices for GMO avoidance.

“Non-GMO certification is becoming increasingly important to our customers in the functional food and dietary supplement spaces,” said Algarithm’s co-founder and director of marketing Ben Kelly. “Increased consumer awareness and demand for transparency are triggering a strong global demand for non-GMO products. (Market research company Technavio reports the worldwide non-GMO foods market is increasing at an annual rate of 16.23%).

“With the demand for non-GMO foods gaining traction and the need for non-GMO food ingredients also increasing, our company felt that obtaining Non-GMO Project Verification for our AlphaMega3 DHA algal oil provided important added value for our customers. We also felt that making our manufacturing process transparent by going through the Non-GMO verification process provided credibility to the natural, environmentally-friendly story we want to tell about our company and product line,” said Kelly.

The Non-GMO Project’s stringent verification process includes a comprehensive review of a product’s ingredients, supply chain and manufacturing facilities to ensure end-to-end transparency. “The Non-GMO Project celebrates Algarithm’s achievements in verifying their algal Omega-3 DHA oil and their commitment to providing shoppers a transparent choice in the marketplace,” said Courtney Pineau, Associate Director, Non-GMO Project.

Algarithm’s AlphaMega3 algal DHA oil is derived from a strain of wild-crafted microalgae (Schizochytrium sp) initially discovered and isolated from pristine coastal waters at the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. Providing a minimum of 400mg/g of omega-3 DHA, the algal oil undergoes an environmentally-friendly, chemical-free extraction process to eliminate virtually all traces of taste and odor – making the “beautifully tasteless” oil an ideal ingredient in foods and beverages where manufacturers want the nutritional benefits of plant-derived omega-3 DHA without an underlying marine smell or taste.

Companies currently incorporating Algarithm’s Non-GMO Verified AlphaMega3 algal DHA oil into their product lines include plant-based seafood maker Good Catch Foods, plant-based food maker Sol Cuisine, and kosher vitamin maker Zahler. Kelly said new Algarithm clients from the beverage and dietary supplement sectors will be announced in early 2019.

About the Non-GMO Project

‍Founded on the simple idea that everyone has the right to know what is in their food, the Non-GMO Project is a mission-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to building and protecting a non-GMO food supply through consumer education and outreach programs; marketing support to Non-GMO Project Verified brands; and training resources and merchandising materials provided to retailers.  

About Algarithm

Algarithm has omega-3s figured out!  Algarithm is providing omega-3 solutions for food, beverages, and dietary supplements - DHA with minimal taste and odor sourced from unmodified, plant-based origin using a clean, environmentally-friendly extraction process.  What it means is a high quality algal oil delivering 400mg/g DHA, easily enjoyed through flavorful food, beverages, and dietary supplements.  Algarithm is a proud member of GOED's Executive Council on Education and Outreach, pledging $100,000 annually to fund GOED's omega-3 research and educational programs.    

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